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Arin is studying in the 11th grade at Choate Rosemary Hall, a boarding school in Connecticut. He discovered his passion for robotics early on in his life during a summer course at the school he currently attends. It was there that he was introduced to robotics and its inner workings. This piqued his interest and gave him the tools to explore this new field.

He furthered this interest in robotics at his internship at the Dinsow Robotics Company, where he assisted in multiple sectors of the manufacturing process.

His specialty lies in the programming side of robotics. He taught a course on a module of Python, Pygame, to an MIT doctorate professor at Chulalongkorn University, while aiding in the programming of a rehabilitation robot arm.

When asked about the most important part of the organization, Arin responded, "The most important part is definitely visiting each school and helping them understand the kits we have given them. Every time we go work with the kids, we walk into a room full of kids eager to learn about something new."

Arin hopes he can grow the organization to reach as many schools and children as possible while giving the best quality of education he can. He is committed to giving opportunities to those that may not be able to find opportunities on their own.

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