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Frankie is currently studying in 12th grade at the The Newton Sixth Form school.
Frankie is deeply involved in robotics. From competing in and winning national robotics competitions in Thailand to traveling to other countries for world tours, Frankie has top-notch experience with programming EV3 mind-storms and VEX EDR as well as programming languages such as RobotC.
With all the experience he has with robotics, Frankie now wants to share his knowledge with underprivileged Thai students. Frankie also believes that having skills in the robotics field will be very useful in the future.
When asked why he decided to join this organization,  Frankie replied, “Nick used to invite me to his robotics course at a local Thai school nearby. I found it very successful. So that was our starting point. After that, Nick and I had conversations about ways we can expand the course, so during the coronavirus crisis, we decided to record video lessons that could be played at any time in any school. We basically moved everything online to increase efficiency.”

As we work on our lessons, Frankie can’t wait to see how the students will respond to this change in the teaching style. He hopes that a lot of people are looking into the problems of the Thai education system and finding ways to support them.

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